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-Jeff Teather, California


So, I finally got mine from the Kickstarter campaign. Took a bit longer than I thought, but not complaining. I used it yesterday for the first time. And my first impression is this: I have two dogs, two cats, and everyone sleeps with mom at night. So, the duvet covers get washed weekly. In

the past, they have come out of the dryer, still some pet hair attached. After coming out of the wash, with the ball, pet hair free. Completely! Thank you! Just this aspect of your product impacts my life profoundly!
I received my three CoraBalls just before Christmas and gave them to my family as stocking stuffers. They are all thrilled and started to use   them when they got home. The problem now is that I have no CoraBalls to use in my household. I would like to order three more because my neighbors are interested. I think the quality looked superb! 

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