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Event Ordering

Your guests have reusable water bottles spilling out of their cabinets… level-up your sustainable gifts with unique, customizable coraclips!

Pick your favorite coraclip designs and create your own bag artwork to make a truly memorable and meaningful gift for your special event.

The 100% cotton gift bags are hand-stamped and customizable for your occasion. Art dimensions can be up to 3"x4" with minimum 12pt font (larger is recommended for clarity). 

Pick which Ocean Collection clips you want to include. Give all your guests the same set or randomize for excitement!

Get up to 30% off event orders plus the cost of the custom stamp. We can keep the stamp for future orders or send you the stamp with your finished order. Reuse your stamp over and over for stationary and thank you notes!

Tell us about your event, and we would love to help make it special.