Happy Plastic Free July!

The coraclip Ocean Collection is here!

The sustainable, renewable alternative to plastic bag clips. Use coraclip to reclose your paper, foil and plastic bags to keep food fresh and reduce food waste. You have your reusable water bottle, straw, travel mug, sandwich wrap, travel utensils and food containers. Why are virgin-to-landfill cheap plastic bag clips still rattling around your kitchen drawers? It's time to make a change for the better. 

Reduce, reuse, reclip!

Coraclips work on all types of bags - plastic, foil and paper. Whether it's the bulk bag of your favorite chips, a paper bag of nuts from your local co-op or an unavoidable plastic produce bag from a farm stand; use a coraclip to keep your food fresh!

Designed by our Founder, Rachael Z. Miller

Rachael is the original Ocean Protector and has spent a lifetime both loving and standing up for the ocean and its creatures. This time, Rachael took inspiration from her own underwater experiences and encounters with sea creatures to illustrate the drawings that give coraclip a special charm.

Supporting Marine Wildlife Conservation

A part of every coraclip Ocean Collection sale goes toward the conservation efforts of marine species and their habitats. We will share the stories about how your contributions are being utilized through our blog, newsletter and social media channels.

Thank you for helping us support a thriving marine ecosystem!

The perfect gift.

Looking for a useful, beautiful and sustainable gift for your friends and family? Want to avoid giving presents that make their way into the back of the junk drawer? Coraclip makes a wonderful gift to friends, family and co-workers. Relieve shopping stress and help those in your life be kind to the Earth by gifting coraclip!

We strive for the absolute minimum packaging necessary, so add a reusable gift bag to your order only when you need it!

Here are some videos of how we use coraclip:

Simply twist or fold your bag and clip it shut!

Made in Vermont

Coraclips are completely plastic-free! Made of sustainably-sourced Baltic birch and laser cut in Vermont. We use the absolute minimum amount of packaging to get your clips to your door!

Thank you for supporting Vermont small businesses! 

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