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Our washing machines are causing microfiber pollution.

Tiny, unseen microfibers go down the drains, into our waterways and are being found in our food and drink.

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Cora Ball prevents an average of 31% of microfiber pollution.

Cora Ball tangles fiber AND reduces the amount of fiber breaking off our clothes, helping them last longer and protecting our lakes, river and ocean.

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Easy to use in everyday laundry.

Just toss Cora Ball into your washer and do laundy as normal. Cora Ball is protecting the whole load, even natural fibers like cotton that are dyed and treated with chemicals during production.

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Featured Product: The Sustainable Laundry Bundle 2.0

Protect your clothes and the planet. Our drains are connected to our public waterways, our groundwater, our vital world.

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We didn't stop at laundry! We are reducing waste in the kitchen, too. Learn more about the coraclip Ocean Collection to reclose your food bags the sustainable way.

Coraclip ocean collection

Meet the Cora Ball Team!

We are sailors, bikers, swimmers, dog-lovers, and Ocean Protectors with a history of marine debris angst.

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