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Cora Ball Spindle Replacement Kit

Cora Ball Spindle Replacement Kit

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Cora Balls have been made to last years of washing and hundreds of loads of laundry. However, we all do laundry differently and the spindle of the Cora Ball can wear out. To extend the life of your Cora Ball, get a spindle replacement kit and continue washing your clothes sustainably! 

Cora Ball Spindle Replacement Kit includes: 

  • One replacement spindle
  • Optional replacement pins
  • FREE U.S. Shipping

If you need any additional replacement parts, please contact the Cora Ball customer support team and we will be able to help you!

Our warranty covers one year of FREE* spindle replacement. If your Cora Ball spindle has broken less than 1 year from the date of your purchase, please contact Cora Ball customer support to claim a replacement spindle. Thank you for your cooperation in getting you back to sustainable laundry as quickly as possible!

*International shipping charges may apply.