Buy more, save more on plastic free laundry detergent!

-Hayley Halliwell, British Columbia

I’m already so impressed with this item! Please know your efforts have not gone unnoticed or unappreciated!

- compostable paper tape
- no packaging
- compostable or reusable twine and information labels

I’ve already sent the link to my tribe of earth warriors - thank you for doing what you’re doing!

The Cora ball was just what I was hoping to be invented, I’ve been waiting for the launch for a few months since I discovered the product and added my email to the waiting list. Over the years as we discover more about how we are damaging our planet it’s hard to know where to start. If all the yoga pants and fleece and even cotton items with plastic labels or screen printed labels, are contributing to the problem, it didn’t seem right to send them to the landfill or even the consignment, they would need to be replaced which is wasteful. So as our household works towards being completely plastic free, I can feel better about continuing to use my plastic items, so I’m not needing to consume more items; and the Cora ball lets me minimize the effect of the ones we are using on our waters. Thank you!