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Our Low-waste Commitment

Being a sustainable business is about more than the products.

We have stayed committed to making Cora Ball and Bubbe Clip as sustainable as possible since day one. That means having a sustainable supply chain of material, packaging, and partners.

Cora Ball is made with pre- and post- consumer recycled material and is 100% recyclable with our take-back program where we can grind up old Cora Balls, melt down the pieces, and make all new Cora Balls! Bubbe Clip and coraclips are made from sustainably harvested wood, but we didn’t stop there.

All of our consumer and wholesale packaging is recyclable. From the paper packing tape to the Kraft paper info card, we don’t ship with plastic. This past year we further refined our info materials to reduce footprint and unnecessary material!

Going beyond what you, the customer, receives when Cora Balls are shipped, we also pay attention to the packaging when we have to ship completed parts from our manufacturer to our assembly/fulfillment team. To generate as little waste as possible during this part of the supply chain, we collaborate with Concept2, a Vermont-based maker of excellent fitness equipment. Concept2 has been incredibly generous offering space on trucks running between our shared manufacturing and assembly partners, an hour apart but still in Vermont!

Our assembly and fulfillment team sends empty Cora Ball parts boxes back to the manufacturers on Concept2’s return trucks to be reused and filled with new raw Cora Ball materials.

When you support Cora Ball, Bubbe Clip and other small, sustainable product brands who go the extra mile, you are supporting a whole connected ecosystem of sustainable, low-footprint partners behind the scenes! Thank you for your love for the ocean and for Cora Ball!