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Cora Ball - the Best Microfiber Pollution Solution for Your Washing Machine

Don't be fooled by a sneaky Amazon knockoff! As featured in Forbes, Cora Ball is the original and only laundry ball that prevents microplastics and fibers. By protecting our clothes from breaking down and shedding fibers, they last longer and we are protecting the ocean.

Cora Ball is made to last for 5+ years of doing laundry. With an annual 2-person household average of 200 loads of laundry, that equals 4 cents per load. The average number of loads of laundry for a household of 4 is 470 per year, which brings the Cora Ball cost to 1.8 cents per load to cut microfiber pollution by a third and protect your clothes! That's a big deal for our clothes, the ocean and us.

cora ball is easy to use just toss into the washing machine land do your laundry as normal while protecting your clothes and the ocean planet from microfiber pollution

Cora Ball balances ease-of-use and cost. It was picked by consumers as the favorite microfiber mitigation product. Wash bags are limited to just two or three items and require filling for each load. After-market filters capture the most fiber, but cost more ($100-200), require installation in your plumbing, and have the added cost and footprint of replacement filters (recycling programs vary by brand). 

Want to maximize your microfiber capture? Use both Cora Ball and a filter! According to the independent testing, Cora Ball is best at reducing the shorter fibers while filters are better at catching long fibers. By using both together, you prevent the maximum pollution while Cora Ball also protects your clothes and potentially reduces the frequency you need to clean or replace the filter.

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Cora Ball has been proven by two independent university studies to prevent 26% (McIlwraith 2019) to 31% (Napper 2020) of microfiber pollution in an average load of laundry. 

Money-saving and eco-friendly laundry best practices 

PLUS introducing LAUNDRY BUNDLES which further reduce your plastic packaging waste and carbon footprint pollution.