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The Cora Ball is the first microfiber-catching laundry ball.

Our clothes are breaking up and washing into our public waterways – via our washing machines and through the air. The Cora Ball was designed by a team of ocean scientists, educators and protectors at Rozalia Project for a Clean Ocean as a human-scale, consumer solution to this very large problem of tiny pieces.

We’ve just had a successful Kickstarter Campaign and are moving into production! Though the Kickstarter Campaign is now closed, we are collecting contact information for people interested in being an early adopter of this easy to use technology so you can start protecting our oceans, lakes and rivers with every load of laundry. Please click here to get on our pre-order list.

Then, check back here for updates, more information about the problem of microfiber pollution and its implications for the marine ecosystem, marine food web and human health. We will be updating this website frequently!