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ToGoWare - Bamboo Utensil Bundle
ToGoWare - Bamboo Utensil Bundle
ToGoWare - Bamboo Utensil Bundle

ToGoWare - Bamboo Utensil Bundle

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Impress your friends with your set of ToGoWare bamboo utensils!

Get 4 complete sets of utensils to share and save!

Do you ever find yourself on a spontaneous lunch out with friends hesitating over the single use utensils counter? We have, and it doesn't feel good! With this complete set of bamboo fork, knife, spoon and chopsticks, you can breath easier knowing you are prepared for every culinary situation you find yourself in. 


  • Bamboo is sustainable, beautiful, durable, lightweight and won't stain or absorb flavors.
  • The royal blue utensil holder is made from recycled PET (RPET) made from water bottles.
  • Portable in a bag or clipped onto a backpack with the included carabiner. 
  • BPA-Free
  • Dishwasher safe
  • Zero waste

Designed by Rachael z miller

Coraclip artist and Cora Ball co-inventor, Rachael Miller’s love for the natural world and its creatures, particularly those in the ocean, is vast and spans science, conservation and art.

Rachael and her team have published papers in peer-reviewed journals investigating microfiber and microplastic pollution in the wild and have worked for over a decade on the problem of marine debris through the Rozalia Project for a Clean Ocean.

While art has always played an equal role to science in Rachael’s life, the coraclip is an opportunity to share with more ocean lovers, like you.

For the coraclip Ocean Collection designs, Rachael celebrates sea creatures that have a special place in the ocean and in our team’s lives and explains why we launched with these particular nine:

This was drawn from an image I took of a very playful and interested fur seal while free diving a remote part of the South Island of New Zealand, Dusky Sound. There were several young seals zooming around our little group while their parents lounged on a nearby rock keeping one glassy eye on us.
It is always such a joy to see Humpbacks and just as special to hear their songs. Once, while studying marine mammals in Baja Mexico, some fellow students and I swam off the beach. As we dove under the waves, we could hear the Humpback songs propagating through the water.
Have you seen baby turtles hatch? I have not, and it is something I would love to see. For that reason, the need to protect these gentle creatures and the fact that they are vulnerable to the problem of marine debris, they are celebrated on the coraclip.
We included the crab to both represent mollusks and the creatures who dwell on the sea floor. This part of the marine habitat is important for so many creatures and vulnerable to trash and chemical pollution. While using our remotely operated vehicle during Rozalia Project work, we’ve seen heaps of crabs having to crawl over piles of beer cans and food wrappers on the bottom of urban harbors.
We see glorious pods of this dolphin while doing our ocean protection work on the Gulf of Maine. Their leaping, riding the bow wave and interaction with us and each other bring all of our crew such joy. I think I might have been a dolphin in a past life.
This is the one creature on this list that I have never seen with my own eyes. Our ocean’s apex predators are important to protect and the great white needs protection. I hope including one on the coraclip acts as a call of sorts and we see one, ideally from a vessel, when next venture offshore in New England waters.

Add a gift bag for easy gifting!

We are all about zero unnecessary packaging, which is why coraclip includes NO extra packaging and will arrive to you NAKED in an envelope or box with your other items.

But, we know coraclip is a wonderful gift or stocking-stuffer, so we have you covered! Our 100% cotton drawstring gift bags are perfect pouches to use as gift wrapping that WON'T end up in the trash. These bags can be used over and over to hold coraclips, jewelry, and much more!

Ocean Collection Legacy Designs

These designs are close to our hearts and no longer in stock, but they may return for special events in the future!

We encountered dozens of the graceful and magical mollymauk/Buller’s albatross during the same expedition in Dusky Sound. I find them mesmerizing. This was drawn from a photo I took from an expedition vessel as we entered Breaksea Sound from the Tasman Sea.
Such intelligence must be celebrated and we wanted to include a cephalopod in the first batch. I have seen a few in the wild, the most memorable, though, was one that was hiding in a swim fin we pulled from the water during a cleanup in San Diego. We put him back.
While the sea birds got a shout out in the albatross, we wanted to acknowledge one of our favorite land birds, the puffin. They can be hard to find, but I’ve had the privilege to see them in the Gulf of Maine and in the Arctic Circle in Svalbard.